Thank you for the care love and instruction you have provided for my girls over the past month-and-a-half. I have loved watching the way you greet them everyday and watch them settle into going to school again. it is obvious that you care very much. 

Unfortunately it looks as if our time with you all will be shorter than we anticipated. my husband's job is transferring us to Colorado around Christmas time. as such though and Evelyn's last day will be December 22nd. the timeline for the move has been a bit quicker than expected. We are sad to go especially on such short notice and sad to be leaving Hebron Montessori. 

I have enjoyed watching the school grow and your dream come to life! You are doing well the school is thriving and will continue to grow. I know it may be hard to lose two peoples right now (and I wish we could stay) but please do not lose heart, more children will come and the doors will be bursting full in no time. The work you and your staff for doing his good work. We will be praying for your continued success!


Whitney Coffie

I am a single parent of a 6 year old son who has attended Montessori for 4 years under the direction of Nancy Eftekhari.  I am filled with gratitude for all the academic and personal guidance Ms. Nancy provided for me.  She was always available to help me with questions or concerns regarding school work or socialization.  She has a passion for working with children and it shows in her work.  Whenever I began to worry about how to address an issue with my child she provided helpful insight that comes from years of experience being and educator.  She helped teach my child how to be independent and develop leadership skills.  When I wanted to focus on a particular area of opportunity for my child, Ms. Nancy gave me tools that I could use to help my child succeed. She has helped me become a better parent and advocate for my child.  Under her direction, the school itself always had a cozy, warm, loving and friendly atmosphere.  The kids were well behaved and the environment was never chaotic.  I am going to miss Ms. Nancy and cannot thank her enough for being so attentive, caring, helpful, accessible and encouraging to me and my son.


I just wanted to send this email to appreciate you for the wonderful teacher and person you are.


I know you for the last 6 years, from when my daughter joined Montessori school managed by Ms. Nancy. The love and care you provide to the kids means so much. When I drop my kid at the montessori school I can close the door behind me knowing my kid is in safe hands. Not one minute till I return back to pick my kid do I have to worry. The way you call each kid "My xxxxx" and hug them shows the love you have for them. Along with this the kids also receive very high quality of education and learn good manners and discipline. You have the best group of teachers I have seen, shaping kids into wonderful human beings. It takes a great leader to form and manage a group like this. You are a great leader and mentor!!

I would personally like to thank you for the numerous times you have taken my daughter into your lap and consoled her and comforted my son who woke up crying everyday after a nap. The Montessori school feels like a family, another home!!

We will miss you Ms.Nancy!! We wish you good luck!!

-Rashmi and Ranjit

I want to take a moment to truly thank you not just as your staff member or even as a Montessori school parent, but also as a new friend! Over the past few weeks, I've been priveleged to get a behind-the-scenes look at how much you really do and give to our school!! Your selflessness and dedication is very inspiring. I'm not sure how often you thanked for the long list of little things you constantly do, but here is a thank you! We see you!! Fighting through knee pain, picking up after others, spending one-on-one time with children every day!! Regardless of how much desk-work is "sitting on your shoulders." You are incredibly kind, caring and wise (in the kitchen, too!! Still learning every day!) You set such a good example by never acting "too good" to do whatever needs to be done. Thank you again! Many blessings.

-Kristi, Caz and Stella

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