Our Philosophy

Hebron Montessori exists to provide a nurturing learning environment using Montessori methods and philosophy.

"In order to learn, the child must first be able to concentrate...But no one can force concentration upon her. She develops concentration by fixing her attention on some task she is performing with her hands..."

-Maria Montessori

The following areas are the main focus of the Montessori education:


Biology, botany and zoology are some of the areas of science on which we focus our study. We teach children about various aspects of science, earth, nature, and more.

Studies include the following:

·        Study of plants and animals

·        Physical science

·        Earth science


The study of Geography and Culture is the study of people, places, and the ways of life that have been established by human societies to sustain life. It is the study of the features of the earth and the cultures that were developed in the various parts of the world by human beings. The needs of humans are universal, but the way these needs have been met differ. Thus, we have many different peoples around the world who live differently and who have adapted differently to what the world has offered them in different locations.


Sample materials used for Geography and Culture:


·        Sandpaper Globe

·        Land and Water Models

·        Geography Nomenclature Cards

·        Puzzle Maps

·        Land and Water pictures

·        Outline Maps

·        Different Climates

Practical Life

"Practical Life," as its name implies, involves teaching students everyday life skills:


·        Simple food preparation, such as preparing snacks, carrying a tray, carrying a jug, and pouring water into a glass.

·        Dressing frames – buttons, zippers, clasps, shoe laces, buckle, bow, hook and eye

·        Cleaning, scrubbing, washing, polishing, sweeping

·        Grace and courtesy


Math is all around the young child from day one. For example, children are asked, "How old are you?" and told, "In one hour you will go to school," or, "You were born on the 2nd." Little children are naturally attracted to the science of numbers.


Mathematics, like language, is a product of the human intellect. It is therefore part of human nature. Mathematics arises form the human mind as it comes into contact with the world and as it contemplates the universe and the factors of time and space. The child builds his or her knowledge on what he or she already knows, and systematic progress is made from the concrete toward abstract reasoning.


Sample materials used for Mathematics:


·        Number Rods

·        Addition and Multiplication Boards

·        Sandpaper Numbers

·        Counting Boards

·        Multiplication Beads


Language is a system of symbols with an agreed-upon meaning that is used by a group of people. Language is a means of communicating ideas or feelings by the use of conventionalized sounds and signs, thus, being the spoken and written language.


Sample materials used for Language:


·        Graphic Symbols and Their Key Sounds

·        Sound Games

·        Sandpaper Letters

·        Moveable Alphabet

·        Metal Insets


"Sensorial" refers to the five senses: touch, sight, smell, taste, and hearing. Children build cognitive skills and learn to order and classify impressions by touching, seeing, smelling, tasting, listening, and exploring the physical properties of their environment.


Sample materials use for Sensorial:


·        Cylinder Blocks

·        Pink Tower

·        Brown Stairs

·        Red Rods

·        Color Tablets

·        Geometric Cabinet

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